“The sum total of human knowledge is available.”

Pull Out Quote

“Sometimes we just get lucky! This is one of those times. It is rare to find an individual with the technical skills and hands-on advertising know how when you are looking for someone to fill your marketing void.”

CEO, Think & Think Co.

Chris Harshbarger

“Tara flawlessly executed highly complex digital campaigns with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Iowa State University. Highly recommended.”

President, Tom Smull & Associates

Tom Smull

“Tara is highly experienced with marketing and, in particular, working with clients who truly value measuring the key financial metrics that pertain to marketing – leads and conversions, which equate to sales.”

VP Finance & Controller,
VGM Group, Inc.

Barb Anderson

“Bright, energetic and engaging, Tara stays on point to deliver key client results.”

Broker, Lockard Companies

Steve Knapp

“I hired Tara to guide the Amplified Digital start-up for the Waterloo Courier. She did so with creativity in transforming our industry into the digital age and delivered company-leading results.”

former Waterloo Courier Publisher

David Braton

“Tara has been a fabulous account manager in charge of my marketing. She is an amazing and creative professional doing what it takes to satisfy her clients at the highest level. Top notch.”

Broker/Owner, ReMax Home Group

Deanna Wheeler