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Lori MConville

Business Development & Strategist

Lori McConville brings more than 45 years of strategic sales, marketing, and business development experience to McConville Consulting as CEO and Chief Strategist. Her reputation for self-motivation and result-driven work ethic make her an asset to any team, but her passion for small business, the industry, and excellence make her irreplaceable. She is grateful for her experience and provides confidence and relief to those who hire her.

Lori founded McConville Consulting to provide businesses and non-profit organizations with a higher quality, more strategic marketing experience. Lori is an experienced professional who continuously elevates herself to achieve personal excellence. She has exhibited exemplary teamwork, integrity, and loyalty. Her unwavering dedication has earned her recognition from the National Association of Professional Women, honoring her as an inspiration and a leader in her industry.

When Lori is not at her business, she serves on several non-profit organizations and enjoys traveling and listening to live entertainment with her family and friends. But most importantly, she loves hanging with her husband Marty and her two daughters and their families, Sara (Josh, Owen, and Mazie) and Staci (Jon and Nora).


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