Strategic Content Creator

What I bring to the team:
As a master storyteller and writer, Dannielle supports & grows businesses and the mission of nonprofits through strategic, well-researched marketing communications & execution, PR and consultation and high-quality video productions. Dannielle is a Nebraska native, a UNL alumnus of the CoJMC and Elevate Fellow, who has spent a career divided between client-side marketing and the nonprofit sector. She is currently an American Marketing Association board member and serves In the Green clients including businesses and nonprofits to strategically and authentically tell stories that will move hearts and minds through digital video storytelling, turnkey CSR, SEO, content marketing strategy and community outreach.

In the nonprofit space, her work and personal volunteerism have given her first-hand experience, continuing education and special training in lots of areas including: early childhood education & care, period poverty, essentials for babies including safety, nutrition and diaper access, food security, homelessness, affordable housing, museum & cultural, teen mothers, foster care, trauma-informed services, DEI, mental health, substance use recovery, workforce development and many more. Dannielle brings this experience to the table when planning for storytelling including budget and timing planning, a vast network and institutional knowledge that reduce time spent in writing original content and copy that is on-brand and meets marketing goals, pre-production, storyboarding, script writing and editing, producing, pre-production preparation, interviewing for subjects and clients event management. She currently serves on an American Marketing Board of Directors Leadership Team as the Director of Community Engagement as well as a skilled member of the WeeCycle working TOTs committee.

Stories I’m proud of:
JAMLAC (Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Clinic), 2020
Subject: video written specifically for Colorado Gives Day; families facing domestic abuse

Sloan’s Lake, Denver Housing Authority, West Colfax, 2020 Subject: Affordable Housing for adults with disabilities
Goal: persuasion, lifting the veil off of the stigma of affordable housing (NIMBYism)

Mattersville, promoting Social Enterprise to drive donations, 2020
Subject: wolf immersion experience and mental health mission

PATH, Second Chance Center, 2020, Housing Colorado, 2020
Subject: Affordable Housing, Equity & Access

Reciprocity Collective, an outreach org dedicated to serving those in homelessness, 2020
Subject: raising money for their cell phone program
Target Audience: regional T-Mobile managers as well as private donors

Hope House, demonstration of filming with kids, 2020
Subject: safety video for donor reassurance


Foster Source, this was used for our own event; the 2020 Lion’s Tale virtual gala
Subject: support our work in the foster care space in 2021 Title: “Who Am I: Lindsey’s Story”

Wait, there’s more:

  • Dannielle has climbed The Great Wall and The Great Pyramid in Giza and has swum in the Atlantic, Pacific, Dead Sea, Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea.
  • My free time is spent in large part volunteering for other nonprofits including WeeCycle, which provides gently used baby gear and diapers, wipes and servings of formula for infants as well as a weekly food rescue run by Nehemiah Global Foundation.
  • Dannielle is a Jane-of-All-Trades and while writing is her greatest talent, does video production and script writing, graphic design, social media management, marketing and advertising strategy and basic web management.
  • Dannielle graduated with honors from the renowned University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications. During her time there, she attended the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton and worked as a legislative page.
  • Dannielle loves to travel despite not being a natural navigator. She’s gotten herself lost in amazing cities like Cairo, Beijing, Paris, Bethlehem & more!
  • Dannielle’s greatest joy is making personal, authentic connections with people by swapping stories with anyone and everyone – hearing about different points of view, different experiences, different lives and making it very difficult for her to leave any social gathering on time.
  • Dannielle had the first podcast in the state of Nebraska – a show called Borderline in which she and 2 friends talked about current topics, experimented each week with a new cocktail recipe, had fans all over the world and did it all with early and rudimentary equipment. The show ran for more than 5 years.


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